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Thread: vermeer t655 trencher bone yard

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    vermeer t655 trencher bone yard

    Looking for a 4502 trencher chain for my Vermeer t655 trencher. My current chain cuts 24'' wide and would like to get it down to 16'' or less. It would see less than 100 hrs per year. Which is why I would like to find a used one that is not valued too much. Additionally I would like to find a longer bar so I can dig 10+ft deep. But I am having a hard time finding places that sell these types of parts, and I was wondering if anyone knows of any good Vermeer trencher bone/junk yards anywhere that might have these parts. pic is of 4502 chain
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    Seems like every year it's harder and harder to get parts for the older Vermeer's we have a T4 55 and we end up making or repairing a lot of parts.
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