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Thread: Case 580 sl front loader hydraulic problems

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    Case 580 sl front loader hydraulic problems

    I've got a 2001 case 580 sl series 2 that when I let the front bucket down the backhoe shakes really bad if you don't go really slow and idling, raises fine with no issues. Any suggestions?

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    You may have a tight or 2 x tight gland bearings.
    The chrome on the rods should look very clean. If there are markings on them ie long streaks, short wavy dull patterns, you have the bearing problem.
    Does the problem still occur while lowering a fully loaded bucket?
    Does the machine have ride control?
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    I have this same problem with a new to me 1999 580 Super L Cab with 5700 hours. The problem is somewhat intermittent? It does have ride control and as the original poster said it shakes terribly trying to lower the loader bucket. If I switch on the ride control it smooths it out somewhat. Also sometimes
    even if pulling all the way back on the loader lift control it will only slowly lift as though control isn't fully engaged or is binding. When driving even with an empty bucket the loader control seems to really move around a lot, like telegraphing the movement of the bucket through the stick. Alrman I've been lurking for awhile and noticed in a similar thread you thought maybe the cab bolts were to blame?

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    This applys to either machine is the breather on the H tank clear. Other than that shudder can occur with air in the system but usually clears it's self after a few cycles of the hydraulics. Are the spools moving freely ( a shot in the dark). A bent ram can also cause a shutter. Chances are it will be some thing simple once you find it.

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