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Thread: painting Excavator

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willis Bushogin View Post
    Just a few hints on saving money and get a better job. I needed to paint my Cat 320L excavator and I knew the Cat paint wouldnt hold up, So;
    1. bought the smallest quantity of Cat paint $22
    2. took to automotive store and had them match the paint, with a quatity paint $158 a gallon.
    3. went to local sign shop and had them download the decals I needed and print them ,$180 and they looked great and still does after 2 years. I have also have them come out and take pictures and make them from the pictures.
    I figured I saved about $500 and ended up with a better product
    But thats what I did
    Willis your points are valid. I liked it. In this way along with doing a better job you can save your amount.

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    Old thread rehash; how many gallons to paint an excavator?

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    I have few facts, lots of opinions. The quality of a paint job is 85% prep, 10% paint, 5% decals. Clean to bare metal everything, grind away all rust. fill all grind holes, prime them, mask, paint. All paint looks OK new, good paint looks good in 15 years. It's a big nasty job, your machine is out of service. It runs better with fresh paint.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Norbert77 View Post
    Old thread rehash; how many gallons to paint an excavator?
    I would guess 4 gallon of yellow & 2 gallon of black for the 690 .

    Had really good results with Dupont " Nason " equipment paint . Sprays on like the old school acrylic enamel & dry's fast .

    Like mentioned it's all prep work , the painting is quick & easy . Now if the original paint is sound and not cracking or peeling we leave it and just scuff it up with 240 or 360 grit sand paper .
    Leatherman super tool 300 .

    Wintergreen fine cut SKOAL tobacco .

    Cold Beer .

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