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    Jlg 2646e2

    Hi, please anyone can help me, I working on 2000 year 2646E2 zissor lift, my problem is when I lift more than 8 feet I can drive. It is right for safety or something wrong with the zissor lift.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gardi View Post
    my problem is when I lift more than 8 feet I can drive.
    Welcome to HEF Gardi.

    I assume you meant to say you "can't" drive. If so, most likely cause is something is keeping either one or both of the pothole protection bars from deploying. There is a pothole protection bar on each side of the machine, those bars deploy downward when you raise the platform. If they're not fully deployed by the time the deck reaches somewhere between 8 to 9 feet it will lock out the drive function. You need to check all the linkage and components of the pothole protection bars to see if something is preventing them from full deployment. If that's not the problem, likely one of the switches that the pothole protection bars activate.
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    Are you on a very level ground? This lift will not drive on unlevel surfaces when raised up. I own the same exact lift.

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