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Thread: The Ultimate Small Dozer

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    I have a Deere 450C and it's a powerful little machine and small enough to haul with my f250. I was impressed at it's ability to knock down mesquite trees.

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    My ideal dozer. Hmmmmmmmm. I like the Yanmar T-80 AG crawler. I've not ran one, but boy do they look cool! They have a narrow stance, rubber tracks, three point hitch, PTO, and are available with a dozer blade! I think this is a good start. I would like to see a compact rubber track Tractor. Maybe use the drivetrain components from a CTL, but offer a blade, 3 PT and PTO. I was thinking of a machine about 48 HP Yanmar Diesel, 4 range hydro drive, overall weight of about 4500 lbs, with rubber, and quick change to steel tracks all with a 6 way dozer blade. A machine this size could take the compact tractor market by storm! I love the versatility of our Bobcat T-190 and just wondered to myself why there isn't a compact tractor made similar to something like this, but m ore as a tractor instead of a dedicated loader. When you have a fleet of common construction equipment at your fingertips, something unique is always a fun thing!

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