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Thread: rgn suggestions?

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    rgn suggestions?

    Hello to all. Been peeking in here for a little bit and Im Looking for some input from you guys .
    Im an owner op pulling a flat bed but want a little more challange and in the hopes of making a little more wanted to get rid of my flat and replace it with an rgn.
    soooo my question is , what would be the trailer you guys would suggest? well length, capacity , extendable.
    Thanks in advance for your responses

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    Any flatbedder that wants to go into "heavy haul" should start out with a 35ton mechanical detach trailer...or hydraulic. Stick with 35ton capacity and at least 29' well. Tandem axle reinforced for adding a 3rd pin-on axle. You can stay light, low, and still haul LTL freight if need be. It is one of the most versatile trailers out there and also most popular.
    You could start out with a stretch if your pocket book allows, but will be a littler taller deck height and heavier....there is a lot to learn about stretches before using them.

    All-in-all start out small and work your way up.


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    well i like this XL a lot... and i agree with everything Mr Blackwell said...
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