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Hi all,

We have a 1991 Hamm DV6.22 roller and recently had a problem with it. The hydraulic motor on one drum stopped working and on closer inspection found the cylinder block needed replacing as it was broken.

The problem is we tried to get it from the dealer and they told us that itís a Poclain motor and would cost about USD 3000!!

We found some companies selling aftermarket spares for Poclain motors but the problem is that I donít know what model the motor is in our roller. And the dealer wonít say anything now either as I foolishly let on we were looking elsewhere for cheaper parts.

I would appreciate it if anyone has such a roller or know what motor model is in there so I can get hold of the correct spares or failing that buy one of the motors listed on Ebay as its much cheaper.

I have marked the damaged part on the attached drawing (although the drawing is from a Hamm 8.42)