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Thread: Bobcat S220 Skid Steer Bucket Tilt Leaks Down.

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    Exclamation Bobcat S220 Skid Steer Bucket Tilt Leaks Down.

    I have a bobcat s220 and the bucket tilt falls on its on and it does it on or off. both tilt cylinders are rebilt and still have same problem.. I have did everything possible looking for a leak and cant find one.. i dont have a schematic or service manual.. so im looking for some input on what to check next. thanks for any help

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    How fast is it drifting down .The curcuit does not have a holding valve on it.Pete it could be in your spool valve also.If you take the barrel side hose with the bucket raised off the ground ,engine off no oil should leak from cylinders .You could also try and cap the barrel side off and see if it drifts down.
    Pet also check out Understanding hydraulics and cylinder drift in SHOP TALK section may shed better light on the problem for you.
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    A lot of drift is standard in a Bobcat. Something like an inch an hour is still within the parameters.

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    I agree with tool king. With loader arms down and bucket resting flat on the floor, disconnect the two hoses from the loader arm pipes that feed the bucket tilt cylinders, plug and cap those fittings with JIC caps and plugs. Start engine and raise loader arms raising bucket a couple of feet off the ground, shut it down. Monitor bucket for drift. If it holds, problem somewhere in control valve.
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