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Thread: Bobcat T 200 tilt lift problems

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    Bobcat T 200 tilt lift problems

    Can anybody give me some advice on Bobcat T200 Tilt / Lift actuator - controller problems. Mine got locked up and gave me a code 32 -34. It kept raising the boom and tilting back until it got to the top. Then I couldn't reset the instruments panel. the lift / tilt light would not reset. I had to lower it with the release valve on the right side of the seat. I could shut it off and restart and i could hear something clicking. I called the bobcat dealer and he advised that the actuator or the spool were not centered. I loaded it up and they had it about 2 weeks and claim they got other codes and indicate a shortage. Now he tells me that he has replaced the actuator ($757.00 + 2 hrs labor) tried a new controller, disconnected the harness and may need to replace the complete harness ($3000.00) I need to stop the bleeding somehow. Anybody can shed a lite on this would certainly be appreciated.

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    Wow sounds like the dealer is just throwing parts at your machine. I think I would tell them to reinstall the old actuator and not charge you for something that was not broken. I assume the new controller did not fix the problem? Have they disconnected the harness and test out all of the wiring and confirm that there is a short or are they just guessing that it must be the problem?

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