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Thread: lx 885 computer problems

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    lx 885 computer problems

    Hi, I have a New Holland LX 885 with the computer will not run it diagnostics. The machine will only run on the service switch and after started will shut down when you flip the switch to run. Of course the hydraulics will not work. I do not believe it is any of the switches, seat ect.(checked and replaced some) Because the computer does not run its own check -I assume it is the computer. Who rebuilds them or any ideas would help.

    Thanks Much

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    Steve, might try these folks.
    Some other places to ask:

    Neighbor Ken
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    Yeah Steve , We have a 1997 John Deere 8875 ( New Holland LX 885 made for Deere at the time ) .

    Damn good machine , been a good earner over the years .

    Last year I had similar issues regarding the run/service switch and hydraulics locked up . I was in the middle of a job at the time and to be honest had quite enough of the non sense . Ended up removing the lock on the hydraulic valve body so we could finish up the job .

    The screen still shows all engine functions , oil pressure , engine temp ,glow plug heat start, etc . That's really all I need . No idea what the dealer would want for the new computer board ?

    Good luck with it .
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    EIC board is the last thing you replace. They fail often enough, but you aren't fixing the issue by throwing parts at it, especially the most expensive parts.

    You've checked all of the fuses in both compartments?

    The hydraulics will not unlock in service position, but the machine will start and run without EIC intervention which also means the seat/belt switches do not effect it as well.

    Does the board power up when you sit down? Turn the key?

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