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Thread: New Holland LS 180, "Low Oil Pressure" warning and shut off

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    New Holland LS 180, "Low Oil Pressure" warning and shut off

    I have a 2003 New Holland LS 180. Recently after running for 5-10 minutes the low oil pressure (image of light from manual attached) warning came on and shuts machine down after 10-30 seconds. Let it sit for a few hours while doing some other things, came back to load it up to work on it and it ran fine for 5-10 minutes, then after heating up the warning and shut down came on. I do not have a manual, just ordered one. Can someone advise as to where the sensor/switch and sending unit would be (picture would be great). I figured this is where to start, then pull the control panel off to see if anything in the back is bad. Thanks in advance!Name:  2012-06-04_113618_lls170_0001.jpg
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    Generally they are on the block, I'd look near the filter housing, or up on the head. Its gotta be near the oil gallery, somewhere...

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