Original Cat. Notebook in very good condition, with the following books inside
D7G Service Manual
D7G Tractor 44W 65V 91V
45W 72W 92W
64 V
Engine sec 3306 vehicular engine for D5B, D6D and D7G engine ser. 3N, 8Z, 44V, 10Z, 47Z, 13Z, 49Z, 62Z
D7G power Train 44W1-up 45W1-up 64V1-up 65V1 up 91v1-up 92V1-up
Vehicle systems 173, 183, & 193 Hydraulic controls ser. 173 183 193
20C1-up 27A1-up 42V1-up
28A1-up 41A1-up
Operators Station 64V ,65V, 91V, 92V, 44W, 45W, 72W
Maintenance Direct Drive 64V1-up 91V1up 45V1up
Lubrication power shift 65V1-up, 44V1-up, 92V1-up 72W1-up