I have a Case 860 Trencher with the backhoe on the front.

Are there other buckets that are interchangable with the same 1.5" pins that are on the backhoe. The pin arrangement is 1.5" pins spaced 8.5" on center apart and 7" the width of the bucket.

It came with 12" bucket and I want a bigger one. Options show 18" and 24" buckets, but can't find them locally.

I can find 24" Case 580 buckets all over the place. are they interchangable?

Are there mini-execavators or other loader backhoes that use the same pin arrangments that might work?

I spoke with a local equipment dealer and he said the backhoe on the trencher is not as "beefy" as the loader backhoes and won't take a 580 bucket. But this is a big trencher and the bucket on there sure looks like a normal case 12" bucket, but what do i know. I'm just a rookie farmer. I just don't think he wanted to talk to me.

any help would be much appreciated. thanks.