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New Profile Posts

  1. jcmarleau
    Retired Case dealership
  2. Travis Blackburn
    Travis Blackburn
    Hello everyone. I just signed up and I am looking forward to being a part of this forum. Thanks,Travis
  3. MAQ Trading Inc
    MAQ Trading Inc
    MAQ Trading Inc 7000 Commerce Parkway Lenexa, Kansas 66219 USA
  4. DanSpyralatos
    DanSpyralatos Wolf
    We have some nice ones coming in at the moment over in Atlanta. Unfortunately many companies are bidding which makes it tougher, but we are getting there. The ones you don't expect are always the most exciting ones.
  5. Swampfoxo
    Trying to fix up my backhoe
  6. Wolf
    Anybody got any cool demolition jobs going on right now?
  7. Moore Floors
    Moore Floors
    John Deere 310 g runs rough with light white smoke when I hit the throttle. It starts and runs fine but boggs down upon hitting throttle
  8. Junkyard
    Awful quiet in my house. Wife and kiddos are out of town for soccer tournament over the long weekend. Might piddle with the 63 A-car
  9. Next_Trucker
    what do I have to do to start my own dump truck company
  10. DozerDevo
    DozerDevo Lance Carbuncle
    hello Lance, It may be a long shot but do you still have your komatsu d21a for sale. Please call or text 619-504-4613 or email deven@schneidergrading.com
  11. Diamondjack
    when making a right hand turn with my LS 185 B skid steer wheels will stop then jerk start and repeat this pattern. Have any of you had this
  12. Ivan.T.32
    Gt3 Skagit
  13. giannid
    giannid heymccall
    where do you buy your itr tracks from?
  14. Water Tender
    Water Tender
    Trucks have always been part of my life, older now and happy to say I own a few. Want to put one to work doing wildfire support. Thanks You
  15. willie59
    willie59 Truck Shop
    Hey Truck Shop, could I lift the pic of that 8V-71 and post it on Facebook? I'll gladly give credit for the pic. If you prefer not to, no worries. Beautiful engine!
  16. turbo8781
  17. lsforkliftsUK
    Forklift Trucks & Parts
  18. tayky
    Anyone have wire schematic for 420d FDP15791 have a 5th gear problem on power shift transmission
  19. mljohn
    independent CAT contractor
  20. MrFuso
    "Non zero sum game"